Gaming Computers!

We have gaming computers starting at $799! 7950X Workstations, i9 13900K , i7 14700K PC’s, etc.

We sell most of our computers without video cards, and then you choose what video card you want and what computer you want us to install it in. Our most affordable gaming video cards are Geforce 3060’s for $309, and most expensive is the Geforce 4090 for $1879. Lastly we can custom build you whatever specs / cases you want.

$149 build charge – You can bring us the parts and we’ll build it, plus install windows including all updates and drivers. (Make sure to buy windows, unless you plan on using Linux) FYI All the computers at our shop that we build simply include that $149 (profit) build cost, so you are paying for good parts, not overpaying in labor. This does not include custom closed water loops, those run $299-$399 and take 1-2 weeks (like the one pictured at the bottom of this page).

We have many video cards to choose from. You pick the computer, then pick the video card!